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Latticework Launches Open Data Pitch Platform to Help Agencies Win New Business

930 Days ago

Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles based data science & marketing agency Latticework Insights has released their long-awaited Open Data Pitch Platform® to help ad agencies win new business pitches.

Public “open data” is an oft-ignored resource because it is exceedingly difficult to work and is scattered across hundreds of esoteric websites. The Open Data Pitch Platform enables agencies to easily leverage these datasets to unearth unique insights and win new business.

Latticework Insights solved this problem by spidering the web to identify the highest-quality public datasets and enabling them to be mixed-and-matched together, essentially creating brand new datasets to mine insights from.  Best of all, they’ve removed the staggering complexity by wrapping it all up into a turnkey service offering.

“It was a pretty big A-HA moment for us when we first started joining these data sets together for pitches,” states Founder & CEO Tim Shea. “It’s definitely a ‘one plus one equals three’ type of scenario where you provide companies access to data that their competitors simply don’t have access to. And the best part is, the output of the system is not just more data - it’s a polished Keynote presentation.”

Since data is usually incredibly scarce during pitches, and since agencies often lack the resources to wrestle with it, providing access to fresh data with a team that can do the heavy lifting, agencies get an enormous edge.

“Unless you’re a deeply entrenched incumbent, you just can’t get ahold of a brand’s 1st party data.  And trying to lead with a Twitter analysis or syndicated Research paper always feels tired and obvious.  In the past, it always felt like everyone pitching is drinking from the same well. Combining open datasets together is a treasure trove of value, encompassing all aspects of human behaviors, and the insights always feel fresh and unexpected.”

Through Latticework Insights services, Agencies can leverage and combine datasets such as:

  • US Census Database of demographic, ethnicity, and income data.
  • Yelp Economic Index of local business health trends.
  • FiveThirtyEight data library on sports, politics, and pop culture.
  • Facebook Ad Library of political ads and their related media spend.
  • Pew Research Center data on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends.
  • The huge longtail of open GitHub repositories with anything from weather, traffic, sales, kickstarter campaigns, and app downloads.

“Our expertise is having Integration, Analytics, and Insights under one roof. We know which needles in a big haystack are going to be valuable to a marketer. And we have the data science skills to actually integrate datasets that otherwise look incompatible.”

Latticework Insights is betting that this mix of providing novel datasets and a high-touch approach to identifying real insights the is a true AH-HA moment for marketers. Clients have already seen great success using the open data to help pitch for new business.

“It’s always amazing to see the light bulbs go off when you show people information about their target audience that they didn’t know before. Maybe they don’t live where you think, they don’t earn or spend what you think, they’re migrating away from products categories like yours, or that your competitors are capturing them more efficiently. It’s definitely a believe-it-once-you-see-it phenomenon.”

Companies interested in test driving the service or seeing specific examples can inquire at info@LatticeworkInsights.com or by visiting www.LatticeworkInsights.com.

About Latticework Insights

Latticework Insights is data science agency with Integration, Analytics, and Insights skills all under one roof.  They’re “Data Scientists that actually speak Advertising” who remove the complexity of doing system integration & reporting, and use their expertise in Media & Advertising to stitch data systems back together again, so that companies can focus on the real work of “Getting to A-Ha”.

Tim Shea
Latticework Insights

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